A Root canal therapy is a treatment that is used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or infected. A root canal is performed when the pulp, which is composed of nerves and blood vessels, of a tooth is infected or damaged. It keeps the infection from spreading any further.

A tooth’s pulp can become irritated, inflamed, and infected due to deep decay, a broken filling, a chip in the tooth, or even trauma to the face. When your pulp is damaged, it breaks down and the bacteria starts to multiply within the pulp chamber. You may have a swollen face, though if left untreated, you may experience bone loss and drainage issues extending outward from the root.

During root canal treatment, we will remove the dead nerve from the tooth prior to sealing it off. This is done to prevent another infection or abscess from forming around your tooth. If your nerve is not removed, the infection will only continue to climb deeper into your gums where it can cause swelling, pain, and discomfort.

Our staff will help your mouth stay healthy by assisting you with your root canal procedure. We always work hard to ensure that are happy with the results. If you ever have any questions before or after your procedure, we are always willing to answer them.

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