Mouth Guards Protect the Teeth

Teeth play a very important role in a person’s body. They are part of daily life including talking, smiling, and eating. Protecting the teeth during activities should be a high priority for people of all ages. They are vulnerable because of their placement and are prone to breaking if impacted. Mouth guards are the best way to ensure that the teeth are getting the protection they need.


Anyone who participates in sports should wear a mouth guard. There are a few obvious ones such as:

  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Boxing
  • Racquetball
  • Lacrosse
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • It is clear why these sports would require a mouth guard. These sports are specifically listed because they have a projectile object associated with them or are a high contact activity.

    Low-Impact Requirements

    Many people assume that participating in low-impact exercises makes them exempt from having to wear a mouth guard. The fact is that any activity holds some element of danger. Anything where falls or contact may occur is a good enough reason to want to protect the teeth. Non-contact sports hold their own when it comes to causing broken teeth.


    If an accident happens during any physical activity, the teeth are usually one of the first things to be permanently damaged. They are fragile and are easily cracked or broken. Just a blow to the jaw is often enough to cause serious problems. The teeth can be pushed into each other during impact. Under certain situations the tooth or teeth can be completely dislodged. This is not only painful but would require extra dental care.


    The best way to protect the teeth is by wearing a mouth guard. Young athletes should wear them because it offers a line of protection for both their jaws and teeth. A child who is first learning to ride a bike is a good candidate for a mouth guard as well as one who is playing football. Prevention is the key to good oral health.

    Types of Guards

    There are a wide variety of mouth guards available for different activities. Mouth guards are designed to go over the teeth. A custom fit guard is made to be comfortable, fit well, and offer a high degree of protection. They are made out of different types of materials depending on the activity. An impression of the teeth is needed to ensure a proper fit.


    Temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) is often caused when athletes clench their jaws while participating in their sport. Wearing a mouth guard is a great way to get them to relax. This will help their level of performance, and at the same time, protect their jaw.

    Division Street Dental

    Division Street Dental are experts in helping people find the right mouth guard for their activity. They know how important this simple step is towards protecting the teeth and jaw. Call Division Street Dental today to schedule an appointment for a mouth guard consultation. Protecting the teeth with a mouth guard should be a priority for everyone.