Genral Dentistry

General dentists serve as the primary dental care provider for people of all ages. They are responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of oral health care needs. Their predominant services include routine cleanings, mouth examinations, fillings, root canals, crowns, and veneers. They make up roughly 80 percent of dentistry practices and administer a multitude of dental care procedures.

What Are The Duties?

To understand the full scope of what general dentists do, let’s delve into their wide variety of health care services.

Routine services: Routine services are designed to act as preventative measures. During these twice a year checkups, dentists will perform regular exams and professional cleanings in the name of maintaining adequate oral hygiene. Essentially, these services protect against tooth decay, insufficient oral hygiene, and infections. During these sessions, it’s not uncommon for general dentists to advice patients on how to properly perform at-home cleanings as well.

Operative dentistry: While routine services aim to prevent unwanted mouth damage, these issues still inevitably arise. When tooth decay or dental trauma of any kind occurs, general dentists are responsible for tending to these discomforts. Among the most common restorative services are fillings, which are performed when decay is detected within a tooth. Crown fittings and gum pain alleviation are just a couple of the other restorative services general dentists provide.

Endodontics: This branch of general dentistry places emphasis on surgical root procedures such as root canals. Endodontics hone in on the causes and prevention of inflamed tooth nerves.

Cosmetic procedures: Not all dentist procedures are mandated. Often times, individuals seek out general dentists so they can perfect their smile. Dental veneers, teeth whitenings, and implants are all common cosmetic dental surgeries.

Oral Pathology: Another sector of general dentistry includes oral pathology, better known as the study of oral diseases. Oral pathologists examine tissues that could impact oral structures, and implement preventative measures to reduce the risk of disease.

In Case Of Emergency

In case of a dental emergency, your general dentist will act as your first responder. Seeing your general dentist right away will help keep the symptoms at bay and alleviate the pain. While dental emergencies aren’t generally as severe as medical emergencies, the pain can still be debilitating. With proper oral care and routine checkups, general dentists aim to do away with dental emergencies and keep mouth's happy.