Having a baby is so exciting! There are so many new experiences that you and the baby get to share. In order to keep them as healthy as possible, you can’t forget about their oral health. Lucky for you, we are here to help both you and your baby with this.

Even before your baby’s first tooth come in, it is important to care for his or her gums. You should clean your baby’s mouth with a damp washcloth after each feeding, getting rid of any food particles. This will also start you and your baby on the path to good oral care.

When your baby’s first tooth appears, it is time to start brushing. There are two different types of ways to brush. First, you can use a long-handled toothbrush which will allow you and your child to hold the handle together and brush their teeth. You may want to brush their teeth using a small toothbrush that fits right on their finger. No matter which type you choose, we always recommend that you use soft bristles.

When your child first starts to brush their teeth, you will not need to use toothpaste. Simply dip the toothbrush in water and begin brushing. If your child is fussy and does not like it, you may want to switch back to a damp cloth.

When your child does have a few teeth, you can start using toothpaste. You don’t want to use any that contains fluoride, unless your dentist has stated otherwise.

Avoiding cavities is key. Make sure that you limit your child’s sugar and try to avoid beverages such as soda. Even some milk formulas will contain sugar which can cause decay.

A common issue that we see is baby-bottle caries. This happened when children go to sleep drinking a sugary drink in their bottle, causing cavities. Try to avoid putting your child to sleep with a bottle.

Your child’s first dental appointment should be scheduled within six months of their first tooth arriving. This will help your child get into a routine of good dental care. It is also important that your child enjoys their trips. It is our goal to make our office fun for your children by giving them a positive experience.

If you have any questions regarding dentistry for babies or would like to schedule an appointment for your baby, contact us today at (503) 774-3033.